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Will my router work with an ADSL Max connection?

If you are currently on a fixed speed service of 512Kbps, 1Mbps or 2Mbps you will need to check that your router is compatible with the newer ADSL Max technology.

1) Check the make and model of your current hardware. The make of the router is normally displayed in a prominent position on the router but the actual model number may be written on the underside of the base of the unit.


Note that if you have a Pulsant-provided router, we can confirm the following to be compatible with ADSLMax

2) A quick check of Google may be the fastest way to check compatibility. i.e. search for “<Make> <Model> ADSL Max” (without the quotes). e.g.”Zyxel 660HW ADSL Max”

You will probably find that other people have the same model of router as you and have asked the same question so a quick browse of the listed sites should tell you whether your model of router is compatible or not.


2b) Check your manufacturer’s website for the information on your particular model of router. If the site tells you that your router is compatible with the following then you know that it can handle ADSL Max

If you now find that your current hardware is not compatible with ADSL Max then your options are:

1) Order a fully configured 4 port wireless router from Pulsant for £95 + VAT (includes ADSL filter & delivery charge).

2) Obtain a new router from an external supplier and configure it for your ADSL Max circuit yourself.