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What should I check before reporting a fault.

If your ADSL line appears to have disconnected there are a few things that you should check before calling us to report a fault.

  1. Check that the associated telephone line is working and has no noise.
    (Note that if the telephone line is not working you should report this in the normal way as we cannot raise an ADSL fault until the telephone line is working).
  2. Check that all cables, between the router and telephone line, are plugged in correctly and securely.
  3. Switch the router power off for 30 seconds and then switch it back on.
  4. Check whether your router is in sychronisation with the telephone exchange, normally indicated by a solid DSL light although different makes of router have different indications.
    (If you do not have synchronisation with the exchange try running an ADSL isolation test).
  5. If you have synchronisation, but still have no internet connection, please check that the ADSL router has not lost/corrupted any of it’s settings.
  6. If everything appears to be ok and you still have no connection please contact us on 08451199999 and we will carry out more detailed tests for you.