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Viewing Tickets

The ticketing section of the portal will display any open or historic tickets you have with Pulsant.

The page will output 3 tables:
Tickets requiring customer response
Tickets requiring Pulsant response
Tickets recently resolved

We found splitting the tickets in this way, highlighted the key states a ticket could be in.

Clicking on a ticket will show all the events contained (including any attachments), this includes:
Public Notes – Event is added to the portal and also emailed out to anyone subscribed to the ticket.
Phonecalls – Event is added to the portal, the fact a call happened will be presented but the call summary will be hidden and stored as an internal note.
Secure Notes (portal only) – Event is added to the portal and can only be viewed by a specified individual, an email will be sent informing the individual that a secure note has been added, but they must use the portal to see the content.

To see the tickets section simply login to the portal and click the “Support” button in the header.