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Using Microsoft Outlook Express 6 - configured for IMAPS.


1. Open outlook express and from the ‘tools’ menu choose ‘accounts’.

2. In ‘Internet Accounts’ dialogue box press the ‘Add’ button and choose the ‘Mail’ option.

3.Enter your display name and press the ‘Next’ button.

Enter your email address and press the ‘Next’ button.

4.Select ‘IMAP’ for the incoming server type, enter ‘mail.lumison.net’ as both the incoming and outgoing server, then press the ‘Next’ button.
Note that ‘mail.lumison.net’ will only work if you are connected directly to the Lumison network. If you normally connect to us but are travelling you can use authenticated SMTP otherwise please contact your ISP for their SMTP server details.

5.Enter your mailbox account ‘username’ and ‘password’ then press the ‘Next’ button.

6.Press the ‘Finish’ button.

7.In the ‘internet accounts’ dialogue select the ‘mail’ tab, highlight the new account and Press the ‘Properties’ button.

8.Select the ‘advanced’ tab, check ‘This server requires a secure connection’ below ‘Incoming mail (IMAP)’, note that the port number changes to 993, and Press the ‘Apply’ button followed by’OK’.
9.Click the ‘close’ button on the ‘Internet accounts’ dialogue.
10.When asked whether you would like to download folders from the server click ‘YES’.

11.Once downloaded you can select to show/hide the folders as required and then click the ‘OK’ button.

14.The new folders will now appear, note that unlike POP access these folders relate directly to what is currently stored on the mail server.