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Using Microsoft Outlook 2007 - configured for POP3.

Start Outlook and click on the ‘Tools’ menu option at the top of the screen. Choose ‘Account settings…’.

O2K7 1

On the ‘Email’ tab click ‘New…’.

O2K7 2

Make sure that the ‘Internet E-mail’ radio button is selected and click ‘Next’.

O2K7 4

At the bottom of the next screen tick the box for ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’.

O2K7 3

Click ‘Next’ and on the following screen you will need to enter all the account settings. Under ‘User Information’ type your name as you want it to appear on emails in people’s inboxes when they receive an email from you. Underneath this type your email address.

Under ‘Server Information’ make sure that POP3 is selected and type mail.lumison.net as your incoming mail server. If you are using a Lumison internet connection then your outgoing server (SMTP) should also be set to mail.lumison.net. If you are not using a Pulsant internet connection you should use your own ISP’s outgoing mail server(SMTP). For example if your internet is provided by BT then you should contact them and find out what you need to type in the outgoing mail server field. If you are not using a Lumison internet connection and would still like to use a Lumison SMTP server please see this article on how to do this.

Under ‘Logon Information’ type the username of your Lumison POPbox and then the password. You can choose whether to tick the ‘Remember password’ option. Ticking this is more convenient but less secure. Do not tick the box for ‘Secure Password Authentication’.

Once you have done all this click the ‘Test Account Settings’ button on the right-hand side.

O2K7 5

If you have entered all the details correctly you should now see the following screen.

O2K7 6

That’s the account created in your Outlook now. If you require to change any of the settings at a later date you can do so by clicking the ‘Tools’ menu option and then ‘Account settings’ and then clicking the ‘Change…’ button.

O2K7 7

You can further configure the account by clicking on the ‘More Settings…’ button in the bottom right.

O2K7 8