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Using Microsoft Outlook 2013 - configured for IMAP

To configureOutlook 20013 to collect your email using IMAP you will need to complete the following steps.


On Outlook 2013 when launching for the first time the automatic account wizard shouldlaunch.
If this does not launch you can start the new account setup wizard by selecting file from the top left and then selecting the add account button as shown below.





Once this has been selected you should see the new account wizard, from this box select the small radial button in the bottom left corner marked Manual setup or additional server types and then select next.




Within the next window you will see a list of choices, on this screen select the radial box for POP or IMAP and select next.



On the next screen is the server settings for the IMAP email service. This is where we will enter the settings that are needed to recieve mail via IMAP. Enter your Name and email address  and then in the incoming and outgoing server boxes enter mail.lumison.co.uk In the username box enter your username and passwor. You can also select how long you would like mail to be kept offline the default is set to ALL.

It is important to note that in order for these details to work you need to be using them on a pulsant connection. If you want to collect your email via IMAP and use a connection not supplied by Pulsant please follow the additonal steps listed here 





Once you have inserted all the settings click on the More Settings button on the bottom right and then click the tab at the top titled Advanced. Within here change the incoming server port to 993. On the line below where it offers theencryption type change this to SSL by selecting this from the drop down.


Now that all settings are complete click the OK button and then select next to test the settings.Once all the tests have passed you wil be presented with a congratulations box and will have succesfully setup your mailbox for IMAP on outlook 2013.