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Using Mac Mail (OS X) - configured for POP3.

Start Mail and click the icon between Window and Help and select ‘Create new mail account’.

mail 1

In the resulting box choose ‘POP’.

mail 2

Type in any name you want for this account.

mail 3

Type in the username for your Lumison POPbox account.

mail 4

Type in the password for your POPbox account.

mail 5

Type in your email address.

mail 6

Type in your name as you would like it to appear in people’s inboxes when you send them an email.

mail 7

Type‘mail.lumison.net’ as your incoming mail server.

mail 8

Choose a deletion option. Important – if you choose to ‘Always leave them on the server’  then your mailbox will eventually reach its  quota and you will need to log into webmail to clear out the account from time to time. Note that if the account reaches its quota then any new emails to you will be bounced back to the sender.

mail 9

You should now get a message to tell you that the account has successfully been created. Important – if you are using an internet connection that is not provided by Lumison then you will need to complete the following stage:

Click the ‘Mail’ menu option at the top of the screen and select ‘Preferences…’.

mail 10

On the ‘Accounts’ tab click the ‘Server Settings…’ button at the bottom.

mail 11

Under ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ type the name of your SMTP server as provided by your own ISP. If you do not know what this should be then you will need to contact your internet service provider and ask them. Note – if you are not using a Lumison internet connection and would still like to use a Lumison outgoing mail server please see this article on how to do this.

mail 12

Click ‘OK’ and then send a test email to yourself.