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Using Mac Mail (OS X ) - configured for IMAPS

If you already have Mac Mail configured for a Pulsant POP account you will need to create a separate (new) account for IMAP. If you want to keep your old mails in your Mac Mail keep the POP account configuration and add a new account configured for IMAPS.

1. Open Mail and from the ‘Mail’ menu select ‘Preferences’.


2. Choose the ‘Accounts’ tab and click the + button at the bottom left of the screen.


3. On the resulting screen choose IMAP as the account type, type any name for the account description, type your full name and email address.


4. On the next screen type the incoming mail server as ‘mail.lumison.net‘and enter the username and password for your Pulsant email account.


5. If you are using a Pulsant internet connection then you can use ‘mail.lumison.net‘ as the outgoing mail server. If you are not using a Lumison internet connection then you will need to use the SMTP server of your own ISP. If you are using smtp-auth.lumison.net as your outgoing server then you will need to tick the box for ‘Use Authentication’ and enter your mail account username and password.


6. You will then be presented with a summary screen. Make a note of whether SSL‘ is set to ‘On‘ for the incoming mail server on this screen if not see below for instructions on turning this option on.


7. If SSL was not turned on then once you have set up the account got back to the ‘Accounts’ screen, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and tick the box for ‘SSL’. Make sure that port 993 is selected and authentication is set to ‘Password’.


8. Finally, to synchronize your Mac Mail account with the server choose the ‘Synchronize‘ option under the ‘Mailbox’ menu.