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Uploading content to your webspace

f you are new to the concept of webhosting you may be unsure about the best method for uploading content to your Pulsant webspace, or perhaps you used to employ someone to do this for you and now have to manage an existing site yourself. In either case you will require an FTP client.

Pulsant recommend using Filezilla as your main FTP client. You can download the appropriate client version for your operating system here

Once you have installed the filezilla client, the simplest way to access your webspace is using the Quickconnect bar. Enter the appropriate hostname for the hosting type that you have purchased along with your username and password as provided by Pulsant. The port is 21 but entering the port is optional as 21 is the default port for FTP.

Linux webhosting

filezilla setup for linux


Windows webhosting

filezilla setup for windows


N.B. the windows host is “winftp.lumison.net”

Once you have connected to your webspace you will see the split screen view showing the contents of your PC on the left and the contents of your webspace on the right. To upload new content to your site simply highlight the files/folders in the left hand pane then right-click and select “upload”. To backup content from your webspace you need to highlight the files/folders in the right hand pane then right-click and select “download”. You will see the progress of the transfers displayed at the bottom of the screen.

N.B. In order for your site to work correctly you must upload your content to the correct path. The default path is “/public_html” unles you have more than one website hosted via your webspace in which case you must ensure that you have selected the correct path. If you are unsure about what the path should be please contact Pulsant Support on 0845 11 99 999 or email [email protected]

The supporting documentation and full userguides for Filezilla can be found here.