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Troubleshooting Webmail

The most common problem that people encounter is their POPbox reaching the 80MB space quota on the server. If you are unable to login to Webmail with an error message of ‘Error: Connection dropped by IMAP server’ then it is very likely that this is the issue. If this happens to you please call our support desk on 0845 11 99 999 and we will be able to assist.

To avoid this eventuality it is best to regularly housekeep your account and delete any messages that you do not need to keep (see this section on deleting messages from the server).


Another common problem with Webmail is not seeing all your folders. If you have created folders in your account and cannot see them in Webmail then you will need to ‘subscribe’ to these folders. To do this click the ‘Folders’ menu option at the top of the page. On this screen at the bottom you will see the option to subscribe to the your folders. Once this is done don’t forget to click the ‘Refresh Folder List’ link near the top of this page and you will then see your folder(s) appear in the left-hand pane of Webmail.