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Solutions and Permissions

When logging into the portal the “service summary” screen will list all services taken. We found a number of customers wanted to be able to group these services into solutions rather than have them all at the same level under an account. The purpose of a solution being a wrapper, that can be given a name, some emergency details set and to containing a number of related services. A good solution name could be “Pulsant website”, which contains web servers, database servers, load balancing, the domain and a firewall. On a large account this allows an engineer to quickly identify closely related services. One of the most common examples for solutions would be to split a live, development and DR (Disaster Recovery) environment.

Permissions are then applied at this solution level. This allows permissions to be granted or restricted between people as required across the various solutions you may take. We have come up with 6 types of permission:
Access Control – Ability to add & edit permissions for all contacts on this solution
Technical Support – Request information / support for services under this solution
Technical Changes – Issue change requests for services under this solution
Billable Work – Authorise charges for requested work on services under this solution
Physical Colo Access – Permission to access physical colocation services under this solution
3rd Party Colo Access – Authorise anyone for one-time access to the physical colocation services under this solution

We have included filters on all summary screens, allowing you to view only a specific type of service or only services within a specific solution.