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Should I use Webmail or email software?

Email software

When using an email client (eg Outlook) your software logs on to our server and downloads all the mail waiting to be received. At the end of the download your email client sends a confirmation to our server that it has successfully downloaded all the email. The messages are then removed from the server.

This means you can store your messages on your hard drive without worrying about reaching your email limit and running the risk of email bouncing.The only downside of this is that you can only access the mail you have downloaded from your computer. You can not access the previously downloaded email from anywhere else. If you use a different computer you will only see the email that has been received since your last download.

(Note that it is possible to configure email clients to leave a copy of mails on the server after downloading them but that this will eventually lead to you reaching your 1GB space quota on our servers and unable to receive any new emails without a call to our helpdesk).

You can send emails with attachments of up to 50MB size using a client.


When using webmail you are accessing your email directly on our servers and a copy of the mail is only temporarily downloaded to your hard drive.

The main advantage here is that if you access your email from many different computers you will be able to see all your email that you currently have even messages you have already read previously.

Furthermore if you travel a lot and need easy access to send email on the move then you can use Webmail to do this without having to change the settings in your email client every time you are in a new place.

The main disadvantage is that you have a limit of 1GB of email on the server and if you exceed your limit then email sent to you will not be delivered to your POPbox as there will be no space left within your allocation.

Also you can only send attachments of up to 2MB in size using Webmail.