Pulsant’s Linux shell server gives you command line control over your Pulsant account. The shell’s command line is similar to the MS-DOS command prompt in Windows but offers much more power and flexibility. The Unix shell used is bash but other shells can be run from the command line if required.

The shell server is shell.lumison.net and to connect to it you need to run a ssh (secure shell) client. Windows users can use Putty, which is available in our software section, along with client software for Macs.

Before you use shell access to your account for the first time, you will need to contact our technical support team on 0845 11 99 999 or by email at [email protected] in order for your access to be enabled.

Most standard Unix commands and their associated man (manual) pages are available but for security reasons certain commands and features that you may expect to find on a Linux machine are missing. If you require a specific piece of software to be installed then please contact Support and we may be able to help.

Here is a brief list of the commands available to you, which can also be displayed by typing lumison-help and lumison-advanced at the shell prompt:

Command Description
cd Moves you around the Unix directory structure. cd .. will
take you back up a level.
emacs EMACS is a fully featured text editor, most useful for
programming and web development.
ls Gives you a brief file listing. ls -l will give an
MSDOS-like listing with file sizes.
less Displays text files. Hit q to exit viewer.
logout (Ctrl+D) Disconnects you from the shell server.
lynx A text-only web browser.
man Gives you the complete manual page for that command. Hit q
to exit the viewer.
mkdir Creates (makes) a new subdirectory.
rm Deletes (removes) a file.
rmdir Deletes (removes) a directory.
pico Allows you to quickly create and edit a specified text
pine Program for Internet News and Mail. Pine allows you to
read & send electronic mail.
mailer.rtin A dedicated Usenet newsgroups reader.
ssh Establishes a secure connection to a remote computer.
talk Tries to establish a “chat” connection.
telnet Establishes a connection to a remote computer.
vi An alternative text editor to use in place of EMACS.