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Setting up spam scanning on your account

1. Login to our customer area at portal.pulsant.com with your registered email address and customer area password.

2. Click on ‘manage existing services’ from the left menu.

3. Find your POPbox or ETRN mail account (search by username) and click ‘Edit’.

4. Under the ‘Basic Options’ area you can configure spam scanning on your account by selecting a level of filtering – there are options for Low, Medium, High and off.

spam 1

5. Click the ‘Submit’ button.

Important – sometimes our spam filters may flag legitimate email as spam and redirect them to your Junk mail folder. If you find that this is happening to you you can add the sender’s email address to the spam whitelist field to stop this from happening.

To do this edit the field marked ‘Spam Whitelist’ and enter either domain name(s) or individual email addresses. Don’t forget to submit your changes.

spam 2