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Pulsant SMTP Scan Relay

Pulsant provide a service whereby we can deliver mail (realtime) direct to your own mail server, in a similiar fashion to direct SMTP delivery, but with the added advantage of scanning for viruses and SPAM. Please note that we will not drop any spam but will instead tag the mail as SPAM. This is because there is a standard spam setting across the entire platform which is not changeable by customers.

Any viruses detected by Pulsant will (as per the norm) be quarantined and the customer advised via email that a potential virus has been detected and a release link will be supplied if the customer is sure that this is not a virus and wishes it to be delivered.

In order to receive mail in such a manner the following criteria must be met:

You must connect to the internet through a Pulsant ‘Business’ internet connection i.e. leased line / SDSL / Business ADSL.
You have your own mail server that is configured to receive mail for your domain
Any firewall is configured to receive mail on port 25 from the following ranges: and

If your domain DNS is controlled by another organisation then you need to ensure the MX records for your domain are setup as follows:
10 incoming-mail-system.lumison.net.
20 mx1.lumison.net.
40 mail-2.as12703.net.

Offsite DNS will be required also if Pulsant are to manage your mail in this way. Please do not cease any DNS hosting via the customer area for the associated domain or this will result in mail delivery failure.

N.B. Our Spam and virus scanning is best effort only and you should still ensure that your mail server and clients have sufficient anti-virus protection.