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Pulsant Secondary MX Policy

Requests for Pulsant to act as secondary MX must come in writing from an authorized contact and Pulsant must host the DNS record for the domain in question in order to provide secondary MX. We will not act as secondary MX unless explicitly asked by you to do so.
We will provide backup/secondary MX service for the following situations:
- Pulsant colocated servers
- Pulsant leased line and SDSL hosted servers
- Pulsant ADSL hosted servers – where the connection is maintained 24/7 i.e. a permanently connected ADSL router
- Customers of other ISPs where ALL of the following criteria are met:
* you have a fixed line with another ISP
* your mailserver is on this fixed line
* Pulsant host the DNS for your domain
* Pulsant are paid for domain hosting
If you request secondary MX from us then you must acknowledge that we have no control over your remote IP address and that it is your own responsibility to make sure that the MX records are kept up-to-date.
IMPORTANT – Pulsant reserves the right to refuse or disable secondary MX service for any ADSL or remote-ISP customer, and to limit the number of supported secondary MX domains for any customer to a reasonable number.