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Product Overview

To have a website hosted by Pulsant you will require the following:

Domain Hosting
Web Hosting
Web Space Account
Database (Optional)

Domain hosting points your domain name to the various services held on the web. It will point your email to the correct servers and also your website and any sub domains that you may have configured. If you have a domain registered with another provider you will still require the domain hosting service, we will keep the name servers to the current host and they will be authoritative for the domain.

Web hosting has two options, either Linux (RHEL5) or Windows (2k3 server). Both these platforms offer basic web hosting and functionality but differ in the way that they handle advanced hosting services. Typically you would choose the Linux platform unless you require FrontPage extensions, ASP or Microsoft .NET functionality.

Web Space is the physical space on our servers that will store the files of your website. You will receive a complimentary account with your Pulsant ADSL service or may purchase a web only account. This has a 1GB limit on storage space and a 500MB allowance on bandwidth. Additional storage can be purchased in 1GB units. It is not possible to purchase additional bandwidth in advance however Pulsant will only charge you for the amount that you use, based on 0.5GB increments. Customers with content rich sites and high bandwidth demands may prefer our Cloudburst billing option, which offers a greatly reduced tariff and becomes increasingly competitive as your bandwidth usage increases.

Database hosting is available to complement your Website. We offer the following services. MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.1 and Microsoft SQL server 2005.