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Product Overview

Pulsant offer a service whereby customers can register any freely available domain name and then in conjunction with other services, utilise the domain to host a website or for email functionality etc. Pulsant can register all common TLD (top level domains) and some less common ones if desired. If the option is not available to register a specific domain extension then please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to assist wherever possible.

Once a domain is registered through Pulsant, we become the ‘Registration Service Provider’ and our hostmaster contact details become listed on the ‘whois database’. From this point forward and until you transfer the domain away from Pulsant, we will manage the domain, for you, the ‘registrant’.

Domain management encompasses any changes to the contact details for the domain, the nameservers, or the renewal status. ‘Registering’ a domain through Pulsant is simply the purchase of a name that an individual or organisation wishes to own and will therefore be unavailable for registration by another 3rd party until such time as the registrant decides they no longer wish to own the domain.

Once the domain has been registered, the registrant’s information will be reflected in a whois database lookup and will then be available to apply any associated services e.g. web hosting or email.