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POPboxes are the ideal solution for home users and small business who do not have their own mailserver - Note/ they can also be used in conjunction with mailservers as well.

A POPbox is essentially your very own email account with a unique username which is tied to a password so that only people who have access to this information can access your email.

When you order a POPbox from Pulsant you will automatically get an email address ([email protected]). You can use this address or if you have your own domain(s) you can set up multiple email addresses @yourdomain to deliver to your Pulsant POPbox account.

You do not even need to have a broadband or dialup account to access your Lumison POPbox emails. You can dialup using the POPbox username and password to download waiting email. (Note that the POPbox dialup connection will give you access to emails only - not the web).

You can use your own email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird etc. to manage your email or alternatively you can use our webmail service. See the links below for more information on these.

Note – there is a 1GB quota limit for space on our server per POPbox – if your email client is set to remove mails from the server once downloaded to your computer (this is the default setting in most clients) then this should never become a problem for you as you can store as much email as you like on your own computer.