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Webstats is web server log file analysis service which allows you to view website performance and statistics, from the convenience of a web browser, and export the information to various formats including word/excel and PDF.

The following information, about users browsing your website, can be viewed via various dashboards:-

Reports can be exported to PDF format and also Microsoft Office Word and Excel (including charts) providing the user has Microsoft office installed and is of recent version (2003/2007)

Note Dashboards can be exported to PDF, Word, and CSV, with individual reports being available via excel using smartreports(Downloadable within the webstats site).

If you would like to view an example of what the Pulsant Webstats service looks like, before purchasing the service, they can logon with the following details :-

URL : https://webstats.lumison.net/
Username: webguest
Password: trial42