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MySQL access via the command line interace.

Command line access to MySQL is available but access is restricted to the Pulsant shell server. Shell access is available on all Pulsant webspace accounts but is disabled by default, if you would like this enabled simply email [email protected] and we will do this for you.

  1. Connect to shell.lumison.net, using SSH, and log in using your webspace username and password (Note that if using windows web hosting you will have 2 passwords and you will need to use the one associated with your email).
  2. Type ‘mysql -h mysql.lumison.net -u <user name> -p <database name>’ and press enter.

This will ask for your database password and will then take you to the MySQL command interface.

Note that <server name>, <user name> and <database name> should be substituted by the details specific to your database, see the MySQL server details.