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How to use your Pulsant IPBX features

Logging into  the web portal:

1. You will need a username/password to log in and you should have been provided with these when your account was first set up.

2. Browse to:  https://ipbx.lumison.net

Lumison iPBX Login Portal

3. Once logged in select ‘User Portal’ (in orange) to the right of your phone extension.

To enable Voicemail:

1. Select ‘Call Forwarding’.

2. Edit Voice mail to either Disabled/Enabled.

3. Click ‘Save’.

To change the PIN number to listen to voicemail:

1. Select ‘Voicemail Settings’.

2. Edit PIN as required.

3. Click ‘Save’.

To change the email address a voicemail is sent to:

1. Select ‘Voicemail Settings’.

2. Edit email address as required.

3. Click ‘Save’.

To forward a call to another number or to redirect to another number when the phone is busy:

1. Select ‘Call Forwarding’.

2. Edit Call Forwarding Always or Call Forwarding on Busy to either Disabled/Enabled and enter phone number in the box below the option.

3. Click ‘Save’.

To access voicemail when not at your phone:

1. Call your direct dial number (DDI) and wait to go to voicemail.

2. Press “*”.

3. Enter your voicemail PIN number when prompted.

Voicemail Settings (via the phone):

Logging In to your Mail Box:

1. Remotely: By calling your Direct Dial Number and pressing the “*” button.

2. From your Handset: By calling *62 to access your mailbox by entering your mailbox number and passcode.

The First Time You Log In:

The first time that you log into your mailbox, you may be required to change some settings. In particular, you may be required to:

1. Change your Password.

2. Record your Name.

3. Record your Unavailable Greeting.

4. Record your Busy Message.

Recording a Temporary Greeting:

If you do not have a temporary greeting set, you will immediately be asked to record a temporary greeting. If you do have a temporary greeting set you will be presented with the menu below. Once your temporary greeting has been erased callers will be presented with either your busy or unavailable messages, depending on your status.

Option 1: Record a temporary greeting – This will allow you to record a new temporary greeting.

Option 2: Erase temporary greeting.

‘*’: Return to the main menu.

Main Menu:

The main menu will be the first menu that you are presented with once you have logged in.

Option 1: Listen to messages in the currently selected folder.

Option 2: Change folders.

Option 3: Advanced options.

Option 4: Mailbox options – Greeting Recordings, Passcode etc.

‘*’: Repeat the menu options.

‘#’: Exit from the voice mail system.

Mailbox Options:

The following buttons may be pressed in the “Mailbox Options” menu that was accessed from the Main Menu

’1′: Record your unavailable message.

’3′: Record your name.

’4′: Record your temporary greeting.

’5′: Change your password.

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