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How to order a POPbox

1. Browse to our customer portal.


Portal Login


2. under the services tab, click on “Order Services”.


3. In the drop-down box entitled “Choose a service” select “POPbox”


4. Near the bottom of the resulting screen type in your preferred username and password – note that passwords should ideally have 8 characters at least one of which should be an upper-case letter and at least one of which should be a number. Also note that all Lumison usernames are unique so it will probably not be possible to have “john” or “carol” as these will probably already have been taken. You may want to try a username in the format of “organization name_name” e.g. bbc_john.


4. Click the ‘Continue’ button. On the next screen you will be asked to select or create the solution to which the PopBox will be assosciated with.

Service Solution

5.  On the next screen Review your information and click the “Process” button. This will finalize the transaction and create your POPbox account automatically for you with the username and password that you specified in (3). We will then contact you to ask whether you would like us to add mail routing for this account (i.e. [email protected] to point to this new account.