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How can I stop it?

Pulsant provides a free spam filtering service on Pulsant accounts. This system analyses each email message for common features of spam, and gives it a number that indicates how likely it is to be spam.

You can set your spam filtering to off, low, medium or high, to determine the threshold to be used to decide whether a message should be filtered out as being spam. For information on how to enable spam filtering on your account, please see this article.

Note that spam scanning is set to medium by default when we set up a new POPbox account for you. But if you order a new POPbox in our customer area spam scanning will be set to Off by default.

You can also purchase your own spam filtering software; an internet search should reveal some of the options.
It may also be possible to determine where a spam email has come from, and report it to the system administrator of the site. Unfortunately, this is not very easy.

Spoofing addresses in e-mail is trivial, and as such, it is very difficult to see where the message actually came from. The only way to trace a spam message is to look at the headers in the e-mail. Unfortunately, as there are so many badly configured systems on the internet, spammers normally route through a number of compromised machines (open relays and open proxies) in the process of sending the mail.

If you are able to determine that the mail was sent through a compromised system then you should complain to the site’s systems administrators that they are being used to relay mail.

Another way to decrease the amount of spam you ae receiving is to not use a catch-all mail routing rule. A catch-all looks like this: @bloggs.com. This would accept mail for any address @bloggs.com e.g. [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]. Having a catchall rule makes it easy for spammers to target you. All they need is your domain name and they can then send to any address @that domain name and the mail will be delivered. To avoid this situation just have mail routing for specific email addresses that you need and do not utilize a catch-all rule.