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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Colocation?

Colocation gives you space at a data center in which to put your servers. With colocation you have physical access to your servers. Colocation provides you with multi homed bandwidth, redundant power and cooling for your servers.

2) Who needs Co-location hosting?

Customers who have full control over all aspects of their website and the way it operates are best suited for dedicated hosting. Those customers who want to supply the hardware, or want the ability at any time to remove their server, or move it to another location are suited for internal hosting, meaning they host the websites themselves and pay for the internet connectivity and networking needs.

3) What is a U?

The space used by your server(s) is measured in Rack Units (or ‘U’). This is the unit of measurement used for defining the vertical space used. A ‘U’ is equivalent to 1.75 inches (4.45cm).

1U Server= 1.75″ of Vertical Rack Space
2U = 3.5″ of Vertical Rack Space
4U = 7.00″ of Vertical Rack Space

A full rack contains 40 to 42U 1/4 Rack=10U (10 servers of 1U) Half rack =20 U (20 Servers of 1U)

4) Do you provide 24x7x365 access?

Yes, however additonal conditions and costs may apply depending on the type of colocation contract in effect.

If you need to arrange access please contact us at [email protected] or 0845 11 99 999 for further information.

5) How do I keep Red Hat Enterprise Linux Current?

Keeping your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server patches up to date is critical to security and performance and is easily done.

For general package updates, run the following as root:-

up2date –update

This will automatically update all relevant packages.

As kernel updates are more system critical, these have to be explicitly specified.

up2date -l

This will list any relevant kernel packages for your system.

Then run:-

up2date –force -u

Which will install the relevant kernel packages.

A reboot is then required to put the new kernel live. Please let our Customer Support team know of any planned reboots. Customer Support can be contacted at [email protected] or on 0845 11 99 999.

6) Why I am unable to  remote desktop or connect to the server hosted at the datacentre?

This is most likely due to firewall issue. Email [email protected] if you wish to request a firewall rule change.