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How does Pulsant monitor my line?

We use a system called Nagios which continually monitors the status of your EFM line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we detect a problem with the line we will be able to start diagnostics of the service. We will then contact your technical representative.

What speeds are available?

From 1mb/s up to 1 gb/s

My line appears to be down. How can I check this and what to do?

A simple check is to run a traceroute or ping to one of our nameservers – ns0.pulsant.co.uk for example. If this test fails give our 24 hour support line a call on 0845 11 99 999. The line will be monitored by Pulsant and we will be aware if the line is not in service.

How long does it take to provision a new National EFM service?

There is a minimum 25 day lead time on new National EFM orders. Our provisioning team should be able to give more accurate figures on request. The number for our provisioning team isĀ  0845 119 9970.

What is the SLA for this service?

Firstly there is a 30 minute response time for new faults. We endeavour to have a fix in place within 4 hours. These time frames are subject to site access availability.