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ADSL Overview

ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line.

An ADSL subscription allows you to access the internet over the same line as your telephone, whilst still allowing you to use your telephone. It is an ‘always on’ connection so there is no need to dial up.As the name suggests ADSL connections are Asymmetrical meaning that you will receive a higher download rate than upload rate. This type of line suites normal internet usage where small requests are made to download larger quantities of data, however if you plan to do a lot of uploading then an SDSL line may be more suitable for you.Various ADSL speeds are available, however distance from the telephone exchange and the condition of the copper wire that runs from the exchange to your property can affect the maximum speed your line can maintain.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ADSL?

Advantages :

High speed “always on” connection
Fixed monthly cost
Great value for money
Competitive modem & router prices


Maximum possible line rate is not always possible as this is dependant on a number of external factors, such as how far away you are from your local telephone exchange.
Contended service could result in variable speeds depending upon time of day

*subject to additional charge