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Webstats is web server log file analysis service which allows you to view website performance and statistics, from the convenience of a web browser, and export the information to various formats including word/excel and PDF.

The following information, about users browsing your website, can be viewed via various dashboards:-

  • Page views trend (page view by time period, day time period gives hours, week time period gives days, month gives days of the month).
  • Browser by version (browser types and versions).
  • Hits trend (hits are different to visits in that the number of hits reflects how many files have been downloaded to visitors web browsers – if a webpage has 5 images on a page then if a surfer visits that page it will generate 6 hits – one is the page itself and the other 5 are the images on that page. Total values and average values per day are included).
  • Hits by Hour of the Day.
  • Hits by Day of the Week.
  • Search Phrases (the keywords used in search engines to get to the site).
  • Bandwidth (Kbytes Transferred Trend).
  • Top Visitors (number of visits per day and information about those visits, including whether these visits were unique visitors, what countries they came from, information about the top visitors – IP addresses and FQDNs, top referrers).
  • Which files on the site that browsers accessed, including the most downloaded/uploaded files and file types.
  • Path Analysis (This represents the specified root page with the various paths your visitors took to it and from it.)
  • Errors – this gives details of when a browser receives an error message – e.g. ‘page not found’ etc., what sort of error they got and the numbers of people who got those particular error messages and the ‘requested pages’ that generated the errors

Reports can be exported to PDF format and also Microsoft Office Word and Excel (including charts) providing the user has Microsoft office installed and is of recent version (2003/2007)

Note Dashboards can be exported to PDF, Word, and CSV, with individual reports being available via excel using smartreports(Downloadable within the webstats site).

If you would like to view an example of what the Pulsant Webstats service looks like, before purchasing the service, they can logon with the following details :-

URL : https://webstats.lumison.net/
Username: webguest
Password: trial42

Ordering details.

Webstats can be ordered through our customer area portal or we can process orders via email, from an authorised contact for the organization, providing details of the web site to be analysed and confirming the service charge.

Configuration and use.

There is no configuration required to access the service.

Once ordered, and configured by us, to view the statistics use a web browser to visit https://webstats.lumison.net  and enter your username
and password. This will take you to your individual stats page.

Webtrends Report Exporter

If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 the local security stops the correct function of the installer file. We have added an .MSI file to the server which should be used in preference to the .bat file

Simply brows to the following link to download the file

Save the filewhen prompted then run the file once downloaded