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Web hosting - Windows 2003.

Is there a URL available to test uploaded content before making DNS changes.

There is no test URL available to allow testing, on the shared Windows platform, before changing your DNS. We therefore recommend temporarily overriding your current DNS.

See https://my.pulsant.com/node/800 for details of how to apply a local override.

Using FrontPage Extensions on the Windows 2003 web hosting platform.

Microsoft FrontPage extensions provide a quick and easy path for designing web pages with built-in functionality without the author having to write the ‘code’ him/herself, eg. for hit counters or searching.

To make use of FrontPage extensions you need to have Windows hosting and you need FrontPage extensions to be enabled. Please ask us to enable FrontPage extensions before you publish your website, if you haven’t already done so.

You can then publish your web. For FrontPage extensions features to work you must publish your web using HTTP to the website URL eg:


You will need to enter your username and password.

FrontPage extensions features will not work if you use FTP to upload your website, and doing this may break the FrontPage extensions. If this happens then Pulsant will need to re-enable FrontPage extensions for you and you will need to re-publish the website using HTTP.

Some customers have been experiencing problems using the web publishing wizard in Front Page 2002.

This is a known and documented problem, please see the article on the Microsoft support site to see how you can publish your site using Front Page 2002:

Using ASP on the Windows 2003 web hosting platform.

Web designers use ASP to provide dynamic and personalised content in their web pages. Active Server Pages can be written in either Visual Basic or Javascript programming languages. Once the designer has the pages working on his/her machine there should be no problems uploading the pages and running them on the site we host.
ASP pages can utilise a large amount of functionality built into the Microsoft Web Server(IIS) but in some cases a designer might want to use a third party module/plugin. Pulsant doesn’t support third party ASP plugins as they may contain security flaws and exploits that could compromise our systems and customers’ websites.

Two good sources of ASP sample code and help are www.asp101.com and www.15seconds.com

Using PHP on the Windows 2003 web hosting platform.

Please also see the Linux PHP Page

A comprehensive listing of the packages & functionality available on our Windows hosting platform kind be found at phpinfo.php

Server details for the Windows 2003 web hosting platform.

Our Windows web hosting platform uses a loadbalanced server farm and should be accessed using the following host names.

FTP access

winftp.lumison.net, on port 21,  using your Windows webspace username/password.

SSH/SFTP Shell access

shell.lumison.net, on port 22, using your Linux webspace username/password.


If you have your DNS hosted elsewhere you will need to point your hostname at the shared web platform using a CNAME record pointing to vweb-win2k3.lumison.net.