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SMTP delivery direct to your mailserver (Primary MX).

Pulsant Secondary MX Policy

Requests for Pulsant to act as secondary MX must come in writing from an authorized contact and Pulsant must host the DNS record for the domain in question in order to provide secondary MX. We will not act as secondary MX unless explicitly asked by you to do so.
We will provide backup/secondary MX service for the following situations:
- Pulsant colocated servers
- Pulsant leased line and SDSL hosted servers
- Pulsant ADSL hosted servers – where the connection is maintained 24/7 i.e. a permanently connected ADSL router
- Customers of other ISPs where ALL of the following criteria are met:
* you have a fixed line with another ISP
* your mailserver is on this fixed line
* Pulsant host the DNS for your domain
* Pulsant are paid for domain hosting
If you request secondary MX from us then you must acknowledge that we have no control over your remote IP address and that it is your own responsibility to make sure that the MX records are kept up-to-date.
IMPORTANT – Pulsant reserves the right to refuse or disable secondary MX service for any ADSL or remote-ISP customer, and to limit the number of supported secondary MX domains for any customer to a reasonable number.

How to configure direct SMTP

There are many different mailserver software packages available so methods for configuring your server vary somewhat. Therefore we are unable to detail how you configure each application here. If you find that you are not able to configure your mailserver for direct SMTP then you should enlist the help of a 3rd party IT consultancy firm who will be able to help you out.

If you are running your mailserver through a NATed connection then you should remember to configure port forwarding for port 25 on your router to the private IP address of your mailserver.

To determine whether you are using NAT or not – look up the IP address of your server and it this address is in one of the following ranges then you are using NAT:

- 192.168.x.x
- 172.16.x.x
- 10.x.x.x

How to order SMTP direct delivery

If your domain is hosted here at Pulsant and you would like to have your mail delivered directly to your server from anywhere on the internet then you simply need to email [email protected] from an authorised address requesting the change.

We will need to know your domain name, the IP address of your mail server and whether or not you would like us to act as secondary back up for any brief periods that your server may be unavailable.

Note that in order for us to configure this method of delivery Pulsant needs to host your domain DNS. Please see the section on Domain Name Hosting for information on how to order this.

If your mailserver is behind a Pulsant ADSL broadband connection then you will need to request that we open port 25 for you. If you have a routed subnet (static IP addresses) and your mailserver is using one of these then you should request that we open port 25 on this IP. Otherwise we would open port 25 on the WAN IP address of your ADSL connection. If you are behind a Pulsant SDSL or leased line connection then port 25 will already be open on our firewalls.

IMPORTANT – when requesting port 25 opened on your ADSL connection you need to clearly state in your email to us that you intend to keep the mailserver online at all times, fully patched and updated at all times and that it will not be configured as an open relay.

Once we receive the request we will change the Primary MX (Mail eXchange) record on the DNS for your domain so that all mail servers on the internet will attempt to connect directly to your server to deliver mail.

SMTP delivery direct to your mailserver (Primary MX).

If you have your own mailserver, and prefer to have email delivered directly in real-time, you can update your DNS so that you become the primary mail server.

If you have the mail delivered directly to your server then it will not be passing through Pulsant’s Anti-Virus scanning and you will not be able to take advantage of Pulsant’s Spam Filtering.

If you have Domain name hosting with us Pulsant will be happy to provide backup (secondary MX) so that if your server goes offline for any reason our servers will queue your mail for you, for up to 5 days, and will deliver it to your server when it is available again. Please see our secondary MX policy for further details on this.