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Configuration Guide

Colocation specification

1) 1 x 10/100 full duplex ethernet port (rate limited to 2Mbps by default, higher caps available on request)

2) Further ethernet ports available via the Lumison managed VLAN service

3) Gigabit connectivity available on request

4) Flexible rackspace solutions:

  • shared rackspace starting from 1U
  • quarter, half and full independently locked racks
  • multiple racks in a secure, caged area
  • full suites

5) Power available in:

  • For per-U co-location, customers are supplied dual (A+B feed) individually managed, remotely controllable IEC power ports with maximum rated PSUs of 400W per U of space taken
  • Full racks have dual (A+B) 16A metered supplies directly into the rack with 13A plugs on powerbars
  • Half and quarter racks are as above but with dual (A+B) 8A and and 4A metered supplies respectively. The supplies in half racks come with two 8-way IEC power bars and quarter racks come with two 4-way IEC power bars.
  • Metered power is supplied as per customer contracts

6) IP allocations to fit customer requirements (from /30 upwards)

7) Port filtering
8) Onsite escorted access to equipment or unescorted 24×7 access for customers taking their own secured areas (from quarter rack upwards), with 1 named access card and rack key included (additional accesscards and rack keys available on request)

9) Remote hands service available

10) Media change and storage service for backups

11) BackupASP network-based storage platform for fast, reliable backups without a tape drive

Network Rate Limiting Policy

In order to protect customers from network storm conditions, broadcast and multicast suppression systems are in place on all customer interfaces.

Broadcast and multicast suppression thresholds on bandwidth policed customer VLANs are as follows;

Allowed rate:  10000000 bits/sec

Exceed burst rate:  26000 bits/sec

Violate burst rate:  32000 bits/sec

Traffic exceeding the violate burst rate will be dropped.

Aggregate broadcast and multicast suppression thresholds on all other customer VLANs are as follows;

Allowed rate:  200000000 bits/sec

Exceed burst rate:  50000 bits/sec

Traffic exceeding the exceed burst rate will be dropped.

Thresholds are subject to change

Standard Access Control Lists

With your colocated server you also have the use of a standard access control list as below:-


Managed Protocol and Services





Customer Trusted









No No




No No




No No




No No




No No




No No



& 445

No No




No No




No No




No No




No No




No No




No No

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Colocation?

Colocation gives you space at a data center in which to put your servers. With colocation you have physical access to your servers. Colocation provides you with multi homed bandwidth, redundant power and cooling for your servers.

2) Who needs Co-location hosting?

Customers who have full control over all aspects of their website and the way it operates are best suited for dedicated hosting. Those customers who want to supply the hardware, or want the ability at any time to remove their server, or move it to another location are suited for internal hosting, meaning they host the websites themselves and pay for the internet connectivity and networking needs.

3) What is a U?

The space used by your server(s) is measured in Rack Units (or ‘U’). This is the unit of measurement used for defining the vertical space used. A ‘U’ is equivalent to 1.75 inches (4.45cm).

1U Server= 1.75″ of Vertical Rack Space
2U = 3.5″ of Vertical Rack Space
4U = 7.00″ of Vertical Rack Space

A full rack contains 40 to 42U 1/4 Rack=10U (10 servers of 1U) Half rack =20 U (20 Servers of 1U)

4) Do you provide 24x7x365 access?

Yes, however additonal conditions and costs may apply depending on the type of colocation contract in effect.

If you need to arrange access please contact us at [email protected] or 0845 11 99 999 for further information.

5) How do I keep Red Hat Enterprise Linux Current?

Keeping your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server patches up to date is critical to security and performance and is easily done.

For general package updates, run the following as root:-

up2date –update

This will automatically update all relevant packages.

As kernel updates are more system critical, these have to be explicitly specified.

up2date -l

This will list any relevant kernel packages for your system.

Then run:-

up2date –force -u

Which will install the relevant kernel packages.

A reboot is then required to put the new kernel live. Please let our Customer Support team know of any planned reboots. Customer Support can be contacted at [email protected] or on 0845 11 99 999.

6) Why I am unable to  remote desktop or connect to the server hosted at the datacentre?

This is most likely due to firewall issue. Email [email protected] if you wish to request a firewall rule change.

Unmanaged Servers

All unmanaged servers are managed by the customer. However, we do provide consultancy services during and outside office hours. Please see the charges below:

  • Office hours: £100 /hour –> Minimum 1 hour
  • Outside office hours: £150 /hour –> Minimum 1 hour
  • Remote hands: £10 –> 10 minutes

Ordering Details

To make an order, you would need to contact our sales team on 0845 1199 911

Accessing our Datacentres

The following information applies to all customers collocated at any Pulsant Datacentre.

All Escorted access must be pre-arranged with a minimum of 24 hours notice by raising an access request through the on-line ticketing system. This also applies should you require Pulsant to accept delivery of an item on your behalf.  In cases where emergency access is required, you can also call 0845 1199 999 where we will endeavour to accommodate your request, however we do ask that you provide as much notice as possible.

Should you require the roller-shutter doors be open for large deliveries/collections, please contact us in writing at least 1 working day in advance.  Customers can have the roller-shutter door open for no additional cost during normal office hours (M-F, 0900 – 1700), but deliveries/collections happening outside of office hours will attract an additional charge (due to having to have additional staff to be at the door out of hours).

This is to ensure that Pulsant has full control over who enters/exits the datacentre and that the security of the equipment hosted at the datacentre is maintained at all times.

In the case of emergency access through the roller-shutter doors, we will endeavour to accommodate your needs on a best effort basis but still ask for as much notice as possible.