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Anti-virus email scanning.

How long does Pulsant retain quarantined messages?

We keep quarantined messages for 7 days from the day they are received.
Messages in the quarantine area are removed automatically on a daily

I think I may have a virus what should I do?

If you think you have a computer virus you will need to ensure that your antivirus software has all of the latest updates installed and then scan all drives for infections.

If you are unsure how to update your software or run the scan you should speak to the supplier of the software or search their web site for instructions.

If you have a network, with more than one computer connected, you will need to do this on all computers on your network

Is virus scanning available on outgoing email?

Virus scanning is available for outgoing email but to use this you must be connected directly to Pulsant’s network.

To use the service set your outgoing (SMTP) server to ‘avmail.lumison.net’.

Note that, as with incoming virus scanning, this is not a guaranteed service and we recommend that you have up to date antivirus software installed on your computer.

Why do you quarantine files with double extensions? e.g. .jpg.pif

Many viruses attempt to disguise themselves as innocent document,

picture or sound files, by using two extensions.

I’ve requested the release of a quarantined message but have not received it, where has it gone?

The most common cause, when a released message does not appear as expected, is that it has been trapped by virus scanning software further along the delivery route.

This could be on your own mail server, if you have one, or simply antivirus software on your own computer.

If in doubt contact our support team on 0845 119 9999 or [email protected],  and they will be able to confirm whether the message was delivered to your mailbox.

Why does Pulsant quarantine executable files?

Executable files may contain new viruses that have not yet been
catalogued. It is good practice to open executables only from trusted

What are the limitations of Pulsant virus scanning?

Although Pulsant offers anti virus scanning, this is not a guaranteed service.

Due to the nature of computer viruses there can be an overlap between a new

virus appearing and software being updated to detect it.

As such it is possible that some viruses will find their way through our system and

we strongly recommend that, in addition to our scanning, all users install their own

anti virus software. As email is not the only way viruses can infect machines this should

limit the possibility of a virus infection.

What should I do when I receive a virus notification from Pulsant?

Follow the URL, provided in the notification email, to find out more about the quarantined message.

If the message is important and your workstation has suitable antivirus
protection installed then you may choose to release the message.
Otherwise you may delete the message or ignore it (messages will not be automatically released).