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Cancellation of Service

Pulsant register all domains for a period of 2 years. When the domain name registration is close to the renewal period, our accounts department will send an invoice for a further 2 years registration to the ‘Billing Contact’ for the domain. This generally happens 1 month prior to the renewal date.

If at this time you decide that you do not wish to renew this domain then simply contact our accounts department in writing and advise that you no longer wish to renew the domain. You may contact us by email but please ensure that the email is sent from the authorised email address we have in our customer database. If you are unsure what the authorised email address is then please telephone our accounts department on 0845 119 9922 and quote the invoice number. They will be more than happy to assist.

After we have received the proper authorisation, the domain will be set to auto expire and the current invoice will be cancelled. Please note that once the domain expires, it will become freely available for a 3rd party to register after approximately 60 days. You have until that time to change your mind if you wish.

As a further note, please ensure that you cancel any associated services e.g. domain name hosting, database hosting, mail hosting etc as these will cease to function after the expiry date. Any invoices related to these services will still be live and must be ceased separately. Again, please either do this from the Customer Area or contact our accounts department from an authorised email address.