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BT Performance Tester

During the investigation of certain types of ADSL faults, Pulsant may ask that you run the BT Performance Tester on your connection. This will only be required if your connection is relatively stable but is suffering from other performance related issues e.g. poor data throughput.

BT have published a fairly thorough guide to using the Performance Tester which can be found here.

The direct link to the tester can be found here.

N.B. Before you can use the BT Performance Tester your broadband modem or router must be ‘in sync’.
Different makes and models of routers display their DSL sync status in different ways – therefore we would advise that you check the userguide for your particular model to avoid confusion. The second requirement is that you can access your broadband service i.e. you can browse to websites.

If either of the two above conditions is not met, then there may be another problem with your ADSL service which should be reported directly to Pulsant Support on 0845 11 99 999.

Read through the information on the first page carefully and once you are ready to proceed, click yes to confirm that you have followed the initial instructions then enter your phone number in the box provided and click “GO”.

There are three stages to the test, with each stage testing your connection in a slightly different way. If the first stage passes you will not be able to proceed to the subsequent stages.

The test results should be stored in a database by BT however please make a note of your results and provide this information directly to Pulsant Support so that we can evaluate the outcome and update your fault ticket