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Accessing our Datacentres

The following information applies to all customers collocated at any Pulsant Datacentre.

All Escorted access must be pre-arranged with a minimum of 24 hours notice by raising an access request through the on-line ticketing system. This also applies should you require Pulsant to accept delivery of an item on your behalf.  In cases where emergency access is required, you can also call 0845 1199 999 where we will endeavour to accommodate your request, however we do ask that you provide as much notice as possible.

Should you require the roller-shutter doors be open for large deliveries/collections, please contact us in writing at least 1 working day in advance.  Customers can have the roller-shutter door open for no additional cost during normal office hours (M-F, 0900 – 1700), but deliveries/collections happening outside of office hours will attract an additional charge (due to having to have additional staff to be at the door out of hours).

This is to ensure that Pulsant has full control over who enters/exits the datacentre and that the security of the equipment hosted at the datacentre is maintained at all times.

In the case of emergency access through the roller-shutter doors, we will endeavour to accommodate your needs on a best effort basis but still ask for as much notice as possible.