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New Webmail System

The new Pulsant webmail system utilizes Roundcube http://www.roundcube.net. It has a much simpler interface than the older SquirrelMail and runs a lot faster than the older system.

To login to webmail browse to http://webmail.pulsant.co.uk. You will then be presented with a login screen thus:


Enter your username and password to login.

If you have previously used the old webmail system you will find that all your folders and contacts will already be there in the new webmail system.

Your default identity will be of format [email protected] – this will be the email address presented when you send an email from webmail. It is likely that you will need to add further identities so that you can have sent emails presented as [email protected]. To accomplish this from the main screen click on ‘Settings’ from the main page:


To add New Identity follow the process here